A lubricant manufacturer owned by PT. Wiraswasta Gemilang Indonesia ( PT. WGI ) is the first lubricant manufacturer in Indonesia owned and managed by private sector. This lubricant manufacturer has operated for 17 years, since 1996. Since it is the first and the biggest lubricant manufacturer in Indonesia, Soeharto – President of the Republic of Indonesia at that time inaugurated the factory on March 4, 1996.

At the beginning of its operation, this lubricant manufacturer started its debut by producing Pennzoil, the famous lubricant from United States. Who doesn't know Pennzoil ?, which has the biggest market share in the United States ? The USA Pennzoil trust on Wiraswasta Gemilang Indonesia to produce quality lubricant which is in accordance with Pennzoil standard from the United States, became the starting point and valuable basic asset for WGI in producing and developing other kinds of lubricant products. At present WGI has owned lubricant under its own name that is EVALUBE. Evalube is developed in cooperation with lubricant experts from ITB.

Supported by experienced human resources and technology which is continually developed, lubricant manufacturer, PT. Wiraswasta Gemilang Indonesia has produced tens of kinds of lubricant for various needs, such as : automotive lubricant type for two wheeled and four wheeled vehicles, industry lubricant, heavy equipment, ship lubricant agriculture and mining machines.

Lubricant Manufacturer ini Indonesia - PT. Wiraswasta Gemilang Indonesia at moment is also enstrusted to produce lubricant from several brand holders both local and international.