Changing Waste into Added Value

PT Wiraswasta Gemilang Indonesia (WGI) is dedicated to contributing positively and giving an added value to the nation and people of Indonesia.

  • Overcoming environmental pollution from carelessly thrown used oil. Used oil is categorized into a hazardous and toxic waste; hence it is very harmful to health and environmental safety.
  • Saving the country’s foreign exchange as Indonesia doesn’t need to import base oil or crude oil to be changed into base oil. For your information, Indonesia’s oil need has reached 800 million liters per year.
  • Reducing irresponsibly processed illegal recycling. Illegal recycling produces fake oil with unaccounted quality.
  • High-technology refinery plant and all-computerized owned by WGI guarantees Indonesian consumers to obtain oil with international quality.
  • WGI’s oil rerefinery has created a wide range of jobs, including both formal and informal sectors. Thousands of used oil collectors widely spread all over Indonesia have gained benefit from the presence of WGI.