A modern and reliable blending plant

WGI's Blending Plant was specially designed by Mid America Engineering, Inc. from Chicago, United States and has a production capacity of 120,000 MT lubricants per year.
The modern blending toll facility has a process of mixing high-grade base oil and additives with special formulations; and the all-computerize Automatic Batch Blending System (ABB).
With this advanced technology and facilities, the results of WGI lubricants quality based on any variety of requests and specification will always be highly maintained and guaranteed.


Lubricating Oil Making Process of PT. WGI

Production Stage

Raw materials are pumped with gear pumps from storage tanks to the blender via steam / electric traced pipes to facilitate the transfer process, so that no blockages occur in the pipe.



One by one the base oil is pumped into the blender to be measured / weighed in the blender according to the recipe / formula. In the blender all the raw materials are graded, stirred until homogeneous and sometimes also heated to accelerate their homogeneity to become lubricants.

Quality Control

After the cooking and stirring process is sufficient, then the lubricant is transferred to the product tank and ready to be sampled by the lubricant factory QC.


Guaranteed quality and quality products are demands. The QC team is responsible for all product quality, raw materials, and packaging.

Product Storage

Raw materials and products are sampled by the QC team to be analyzed in the laboratory which will then be given a quality certification. Whether the product is released, re-blend or need to be held due to out of specs.


Storage of products is not as complicated as storing raw materials. Lubricant products are sufficiently stored at ambient conditions in storage tanks.