The strategic goal of the Corporate Social Responsibility program is to establish the making of a healthy and safe society and to pass on the Triple Bottom Line-based programs to the next generation in order to sustain the lives of the surrounding community.

Based on this goal, the empowerment of the community in the company's target villages must be involve external stakeholders in building regions by making sustainable contributions. This community development program not only determined by the Company, but based on the formulation of the program as a result of reflection on the real conditions and desires of the local community. And this is of course requires community participation.

To make this purpose a realization, WGI implements major strategies, such as:

  1. Sustainability
  2. The priority of those operating and affected areas.
  3. Effective socialization by focusing on the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility to support the achievement of PROPER or the Corporate Performance Rating Program in Environmental Management by prioritizing environmental aspects, both natural and community according to the requirements stipulated in the Minister of Environment Regulation No. 03/2014, specifically on Green PROPER Indicators, Community Development Aspects, identification and mapping of actors and their networks by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry.